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  1. 结果表明,两种赤潮生物的最大比增长率均随着培养液中硝酸盐浓度的升高(20~80 μmol/L)而增加,且硝酸盐培养下的最大比增长速率高于同浓度的氨盐,表明在高浓度下,硝酸盐是适宜的氮源。

  Catenella increased with the nitrate concentrations (20~80 μmol/L) of the culture medium. and both of them presented higher growth rate in nitrate than in ammonium, In high nutrient concentration, nitrate was regarded as the optimal nitrogen source, The nitrate reductase activity 1.14~5.20 fmol/(cell. L. mm of P.

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  2. 进一步,当经济具有正的稳态增长率时,分析了模型中的相关参数对经济的稳态增长率的影响。

  Moreover, when the optimum growth rate is positive, we analyze how the optimum growth rate is affected by the relevant variables of the model.

  3. 人口增长率可能放缓:我们不可能盲目在市区圹展建筑用地。

  The rate of growing population can slow down: We cannot keep extending the building lands.

  4. 脆弱的银行业无法抵御货币贬值、利率和通货膨胀上升、资本外逃、经济增长率和资产价格下降等因素造成的冲击,濒临崩溃边缘。

  Hiking interest rate and inflation, capital flight, slow economic growth and assets price collapses.

  5. 中国在夸大其真实的增长率吗?

  Is China overstating its true rate of growth?

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  6. 这是印度经济以接近8%的增长率迅猛增长的结果。

  Thats the result of an Indian economy wowing the world with its 8%-plus growth.

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  7. 上海市2006年软件业收入616亿元,居全国首位,从2001年开始连续5年保持50%以上的增长率,这在全国范围内是独一无二的。

  In 2006, the revenue of software industry in Shanghai reached 61.6 billion RMB and gained the top position in China, and maintained a stea increasing rate over 50% from 2001 to 2006, which was unique in China.

  8. 该关系式表明,两大部类不变资本增长率之间孰大孰小的问题取决于第一部类资本有机构成函数的特点。

  This relationship shows that the relative levels of the growth rates of the two sectors depends on the organic composition of capital of the producer good sector.

  9. 因为能源是整个经济的重要因素,如果油价长期高企不下,通货膨胀率就可能继续上涨,而经济增长率却在下降。

  Because energy is such a crucial part of the economy, if prices stay high for a prolonged period, they will both raise the inflation rate and lower the rate of economic growth.

  10. 小时工资的环比增长率与上月持平,为0.4%,但同比增长率略有下降,降至3.8%,仍然低于4.3%的消费价格同比上涨率。

  Hourly earnings increased 0.4% for the second month in a row, although the year-on-year rate of increase edged down a tick, to 3.8%. This is still below the rate of CPI inflation (4.3% in June).

  11. 应增长率的措施即被认为是实施银根紧缩政策。

  Decrease the rate of growth of the money supply, money policy.

  12. 根据我国实际劳动力增长率、工资增长率和实际利率增长率的状况,现在和较长时间能够满足艾伦条件,主张采用现收现付制筹资模式,并借鉴名义账户制,解决我国统账结合实施过程中产生的转轨成本和个人账户空账运行的问题。

  Under the circumstance that China`s actual labor growth rate, wage growth rate and real interest rate growth rate all meet the Aaron condition now and in the long run, it claims that China adopt the financing mode of pay-as-you-go system, uses nominal account system for reference to solve the problem of transition cost incurred by the implementation of social pooling and individual account combination as well as that of individual empty account running.

  13. 中国现时的积极财政政策和拉动内需的大战略,使我国在亚洲金融危机时能保持人民币不贬值,在世界经济危机起伏动荡的大环境中,能保持国民经济 7 %的增长率。

  The current financial policy and the general plan of " have kept the Chinese currency RMB from devaluating during the Asian economic crisis and kept our national economy at a 7% growth rate in the unstable macro environment of world-wide economic crisis.

  14. 结果表明,在盐度为1.5时,饲料中添加盐的各组饲料其特殊增长率比对照组均有显著提高(P.05);饲料中添加盐组的饲料系数均比对照组低(P.05),饲料中盐的添加量为2.0%时,饲料系数达到最低(P.05);饲料中添加盐有助于提高对虾的成活率(P.05);随着饲料中盐添加量的增加,对虾体蛋白质含量有增加的趋势,而虾体脂肪含量和水分有下降的趋势;随着饲料中盐添加量的增加,凡纳滨对虾肌肉游离氨基酸中必需氨基酸、非必需氨基酸及游离氨基酸总量有增加趋势,甘氨酸、丙氨酸和谷氨酸等呈鲜味氨基酸都大幅度增加;对虾的色泽、嗅觉、味觉及组织等多项指标的感官评价显示,饲料中添加盐2.0%组的综合感官指标优于对照组及其他实验组;饲料中添加盐可显著提高凡纳滨对虾肝胰脏碱性磷酸酶活性,而且随着饲料中盐的添加量的增加,其酶的活性显著上升(P.05)。

  In low salinity water, the addition of salt to the diet resulted in a significant improvement in the SGR, FCR, survival rate and activity of alkaline phosphatase for L. vanamei. In low salinity water, the addition of salt to the diet resulted in an increase in protein and decrease in moisture and lipid of shrimp body. Moreover, in low salinity water, the addition of salt to the diet resulted in an increase in total free amino acids of shrimp body and significant improvement in flavor characters, especially for the addition of 2.0% salt group.

  15. kuhlman电气公司在过去的5年里以双位数字的年度销售增长率证明了其良好的盈利记录增长。

  Kuhlman electric has demonstrated a track record of profitable growth with double-digit annual sales growth over the past five years.

  16. 对反映全岛农业的一些生态经济方面的计量资料作了总结。对海南岛和主要热带国家农业生产的年平均增长率作了比较。

  A comparison is instituted of the average annual increase rate in the total value of agro-production between Hainan Island and some major tropical countries, showing a fastar agricultural expansion in this Island.

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  17. 2007年,全市国民经济和社会发展的主要预期目标是:生产总值增长12%,地方财政收入增长14%,万元生产总值综合能耗下降4.4%,化学需氧量排放量下降3.5%,二氧化硫排放量下降3.6%,全社会固定资产投资增长12%,合同利用外资和实际利用外资均增长12%,进出口总额增长15%,社会消费品零售总额增长13%,城镇居民人均可支配收入和农村居民人均纯收入均增长8%以上,符龙飞城镇登记失业率控制在4.3%以内,人口自然增长率控制在1.5‰以内。

  Discharge will decrease by 3.5%; sulfur dioxide discharge will decrease by 3.6%; social fixed assets investment will increase by 12%; contractural foreign investment and foreign investment in actual use will increase by 12%; The gross import and export volume will increase by 15%; the gross value of social consumption retail sales (Total retail sales of consumer goods)will increase by 13%; t he per capita disposable income of urban citizens and the net per capita income of rural citizens will increase by 8%; registered unemployment rate will be controlled within 4.3% and the natural population increase will be limited under 1.5%.

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  18. 对中国的预测是,今明两年的增长率都将达到大约9%,印度为8%,而新兴及发展中经济体的总体增长率大约在6%以上。

  But the assumption is that the rising powers will simply be accommodated within the existing system – a small adjustment here, a tweak there

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  19. 分析结果表明:切伦科夫辐射是由沿介质同轴波导传播的慢波与沿薄环形相对论电子注传播的负能空间电荷波耦合所致,且其耦合强度与电子注的密度成正比;输出频率和波增长率随着填充等离子体密度的增大而提高;保持一定的输出频率,增大电子注的束流可得到高的微波输出功率。

  The energy exchange between the wave and the electron beam in the presence of background plasma was discussed, and the effects of plasma density on the dispersion characterist...

  20. 分析结果表明:切伦科夫辐射是由沿介质同轴波导传播的慢波与沿薄环形相对论电子注传播的负能空间电荷波耦合所致,且其耦合强度与电子注的密度成正比;输出频率和波增长率随着填充等离子体密度的增大而提高;保持一定的输出频率,增大电子注的束流可得到高的微波输出功率。

  It was clear that the Cherenkov radiation is result of the coupling between the slow TM mode propagated along the waveguide and the negative-energy space-charge mode propagated along the beam, and the coupling strength is proportional to the beam density.